Mega Brush-Making Combo

I have combined all of my brush-making classes into one class and I teach you everything you need to know to make amazing Procreate brushes!

Stamp Brushes!

Get ready to explore the Brush Studio in Procreate 5X while we learn how to make stamp brushes! Hot Cocoa and Coffee is the perfect theme for this as it will result in the most gorgeous illustrations that can then be used online, on print-on-demand sites, as repeat patterns, and more.

I will show you how to create a set of stamps that can be used in various combinations so you can create a wide variety of looks. I’ll also show you some decorative stamps and stamps to use as “accessories” such as rainbow sprinkles! There are several settings to play with when making stamp brushes and you’ll learn how to make adjustments to get them to work just the way you want them to. With these skills, you’ll be able to continue making stamps for future projects whenever you need them! 

Pattern Brushes!

In this class you will learn how to create pattern brushes in Procreate ranging from simple to complex. You will be learning about the Brush Studio settings for pattern brushes that will give you the skills to continue creating patterns once you are done with class. I’ve been creating these for a very long time, giving them away in my Skillshare classes, and now I’m showing you my techniques! 

We will finish class with a fun vintage car pattern!

Texture Brushes!

In this class you will learn how to use native Procreate brushes to make seamless textures for beautiful texture brushes. Next, I’ll show you how to find amazing free texture photos and create seamless textures with those as well! We will explore the Brush Studio settings so you know how to adjust your brushes to achieve various effects. I also provide free brushes and palettes!

The textures you create will be seamless because those have the best results when used as the Grain Source in your brushes and they can also be used as texture overlays to unify your entire illustration.

Understanding the Brush Studio

In this class we will take a deep dive into the settings of Procreate's Brush Studio so you can develop a deeper understanding of the brush-making process and eventually be able to create any type of brush you can imagine!

I'll walk you through each section of the Brush Studio one lesson at a time and you will even learn how to make Dual Brushes! I'll provide you with 16 free brushes and 20 free shape sources and grain sources to get you started.

(This class was made before the ability to paint 3D objects in Procreate so it has some minor differences and doesn't review the Materials settings in the Brush Studio.)

Dual (Magical) Brushes!

This is my fifth class in my brush-making series and it will help you learn more about combining two brushes into one single Dual Brush so you can get even more creative with your brushes!

In this class we will make some brushes with native Procreate brushes and then we will create a dual brush from scratch! This is a great learning experience!


  Stamp Brushes
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  Pattern Brushes
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  Texture Brushes
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  Boost Your Brush-Making Skills: Understanding the Brush Studio
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  Dual Brushes
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