So many mushrooms!

It was too difficult to pick just one way to show you mushroom illustrations, so I decided to show you four!

As always, all of the brushes you need for all four styles are included in class. I hope you love them!

And of course we can't jump right into illustrating them without learning how to sketch them so we will start with a sketch study so you can learn about the important things to look for when sketching from a reference photo even though we aren't actually going for photorealism in any of the styles we are doing in this class. I found the sketch study to be very useful and I hope you do too!




Colored Pencil

Prismacolor Galore!

I also provide you with 60 Prismacolor Pencil colors in two Procreate palettes as well as a new Prismacolor Pencil Procreate brush! Enjoy!