Folksy Birds & Fantasy Florals

Learn some wonderful techniques to achieve this gorgeously textured look in Procreate.

So. Many. Palettes!

I've tested most of them on rough drafts and they're stunning! I can't wait to see them "in use" when you post your projects!

7 Texture Overlays for you to choose from.

If you're familiar with my classes, you know I love texture! I like to provide texture brushes usually, but sometimes I fall in love with a texture that isn't something that would make a good brush. These overlays are a nice size, and will fill an 11 inch by 14 inch canvas at 300 dpi! I have provided the images separately (for those who don't get a lot of layers in Procreate) and I have also provided a Procreate document with all of them ready to go!

Yummy Brushes

We are playing with the Secondary Color setting in Color Dynamics today. This is not something I have covered in any of my classes until now!

I. Love. This.