Two Styles of Scandinavian Folk Art in Procreate

Learn techniques for Rosemaling on the iPad!

In this class I will show you a beautifully basic style of Scandinavian Folk Art using symmetry tools and rich color palettes. I’ll begin with the simple flower, show you how to make it a much more flourished flower, and finally, how to complete a full page illustration by combining everything you learn. I provide some flower and leaf sketches for Inspiration and I’ll also show you how to make your own stamp brushes.

Once you are comfortable with a more basic style, you can move to the next step and learn about a much more decorative form of Scandinavian folk art called Rosemaling. This originated in Norway and has a very unique appearance with several main types, depending on the region they are from. You can check out the YouTube link and online booklet for more information about this style as well. 

You will get all the brushes you need as a free download. You’ll also get some other resources such as palettes and sketches that will help you get started.