Relaxing Painterly Mandalas

Have I mentioned how relaxing these are?

Not Your Typical Mandalas

Learn how to create the most beautiful, painterly mandalas in Procreate! You’ll learn all about the radial and rotational symmetry tool, first for a sketch and then the final art. These creations are fun, relaxing, and meditative.

You do need to be familiar with Procreate but you don’t need any art skills to take this class!

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a way to make art just for the sake of making art, without an agenda. Once you get the basics of this class down, you’ll be able to sit down and create intuitively, making lovely paint strokes wherever you feel they’re needed, and have gorgeous results.

Gorgeous Brushes

I made you all the brushes you need to complete these gorgeous mandalas and I’ve included 25 palettes and several completed mandala sketches so you can get started right away until you’re ready to start creating your very own!