I designed this beginner class for those who are brand new to Procreate AND for those who want to understand certain features a bit more....such as Clipping Masks and Layer Masks! Even after you are comfortable getting going with the app, this class will be a great resource to come to when you need little refreshers on various topics as you work. It’s full of little independent mini lessons. 

Most of my classes are aimed at beginner and intermediate procreate users who are already familiar with the app so I thought it was time to actually publish a class about becoming familiar with the app! I hope you find it helpful!

Enjoy the bonus lesson on a simple mandala too!

Procreate has had a couple updates since I made this class but most of it is still the same!

Following the beginner class, I added my "free class" that I have! It's another great project for beginners! You'll learn the steps to make a card similar to this and then you can use those skills in different ways to get various looks! Like this!