Two Negative Painting Classes

Learn this wonderful technique and let your imagination go wild with ideas. I seriously had a hard time putting down my pencil so I could record the classes!

Negative Painting

Negative painting is the practice of painting around an object rather than painting the object itself. When layers of negative painting are used in a piece, it creates fantastic depth. Often times, embellishing the final piece with some details is preferred and really finishes a piece nicely. 

In this class, I will show you a technique to do negative painting in Procreate. We will use Procreate’s digital abilities to make these paintings in a fun and creative way without the tedious hand painting that is involved when doing it on paper!

I have loads of free brushes and a beautiful Procreate canvas for you so you can achieve a hand-painted look with ease.

Advanced Negative Painting

If you loved the first negative painting class, you’re REALLY going to love this! I show you how to take your negative painting skills to the next level in this class. I also added a bonus lesson and more free brushes! You‘ll need to watch my first class on negative painting before watching this one, otherwise this one won’t make any sense! And if you find the layer organization confusing from the first class, I show you another way to keep organized in this class that might help!