Creating Whimsical Scenes with Depth

Two wonderful classes in one.

Whimsical Scenes

Do you ever look at a beautifully whimsical illustration and wonder “How did they think of that?” ME TOO!! I also get the question directed at me quite a lot and when I realized I actually have specific steps I take when creating these scenes. I was so excited to make a class on it to show my process!

You might be surprised to hear that it’s not that complicated.

In this class I will show you:

-The simple worksheet I use to brainstorm ideas.

-The steps I take to find inspiration from photos that are tied to the worksheet.

-How to create the sketch based on the worksheet and mood-board.

-How I rough in some color.

-Finally, I’ll walk you through a complete illustration.

Scenes with Depth

Have you ever wondered how to get the look of depth in a final piece? Whether it's a landscape piece with mountains and trees off in the distance or a piece with less distance but still gives you that feel of being in a scene where things are clearly "closer" to you and "further" from you instead of being flat, you can achieve these looks with the skills you will learn in this class. There are a few key components to achieve depth in your work and once you understand them, you'll be on your way! At the end of class, we will draw a sketch together to reinforce the skills you learn in class and I'll show you a beautiful way to illustrate it but you can use any illustration style you like! 

I will be using Procreate in class but you can apply the skills from this class with all styles of art so feel free to follow along with as little as pencil and paper!